Azerbaijani Pottery

Handicraft art that appeared in the Neolithic  Age in Azerbaijan is still relevant to this day. The invention of foot-powered wheels increased the number of kinds of pottery products and the establishment of pottery centres. Pottery production in Karabagh reached a high level after the Early Middle Ages. Best instances of pottery could be found […]

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Azerbaijani Paintings

Although each art form of Azerbaijan has travelled a long and difficult path of development, nevertheless they form a single whole and allow you to get a complete picture of the art and culture of Azerbaijan.If  in the Middle Ages in Azerbaijan dominated more miniature painting in modern times, Azerbaijani artists challenge themselves in different […]

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Azerbaijani Carpets

Since ancient times Azerbaijani carpets have gone a long way of evolution in terms of rug making and creating of complicated patterns that tells us abstract and cryptic stories of that time. The oldest surviving rugs produced in Azerbaijan may be a representation of dragons and phoenixes in combat, heartbreaking love stories and different motives […]

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